After Columbine Series- Faith, Forgiveness & Hope

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Evan has spoken literally coast to coast across America to hundreds public and private high schools, colleges, corporations, businesses groups, churches, youth groups and organizations. Some of his engagements have included the Crystal Cathedral in California, the Top Hands Convention of the Boy Scouts of America, Boston, The Columbine Survivor Project in New York, throughout California, Washington, D.C. and the Colorado House & Senate. He has also helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for many charities and causes including the Boy Scouts of America.

Evan traveled to Canada, The United Kingdom, and Europe to share his message. He was invited to Eufurt, Germany to spend time with the victims of a terrible school shooting there and spent time with 9/11 firemen in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks offering support.

Evan speaks on faith, respecting the value and dignity of human life, preserving freedom, peacemaking, the issue of bullying, the importance of good character and personal motivation, education, and other teen and young adult issues. Evan speaks about failures, obstacles, missteps, tragedies and how we can all overcome some of the most difficult times in our lives. 




WHETHER THE WEATHER TOUR is now scheduling dates for Spring 2020 And fall 2020. If you are interested and want this tour to come to your town send a message today as we fill in the dates. We Could be coming to a town near you!

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